These are the asteroids to worry about

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Stephen Hawking thought an asteroid impact posed the greatest threat to life on Earth. Thanks to Kiwico for sponsoring this video. For 50% off your first month of any crate, go to
For other potential world ending catastrophes, check out Domain of Science:
Special thanks to:
Prof. Dave Jewitt from UCLA Earth, Planetary, and Space Sciences
Prof. Mark Boslough from Sandia National Labs
Scott Manley:
Ryan Wyatt at Morrison Planetarium
Prof. Amy Mainzer
Alexandr Ivanov for the opening shot of Chelyabinsk Meteor
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Researched and Written by Petr Lebedev, Jonny Hyman and Derek Muller
3D animations, VFX, SFX, Audio Mixing by Jonny Hyman
2D animation by Ivàn Tello
Intro animation by Nicolas Pratt
With Filming by Raquel Nuno
Music from "Stellar Dance" "Orbit" "That Notebook" "What We Discovered" "Out of Poppies" "Handwriting"
Images and video supplied by Getty Images


  1. Jack McLane
    Jack McLane
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    We need bigger frickin Lasers! ;)

  2. jupiter rules
    jupiter rules
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    Yo veritasium , prove dinosaur existed. I think its a hoax.

  3. jupiter rules
    jupiter rules
    3 tuntia sitten

    The class “Dinosauria” was originally defined by “Sir” Richard Owen of the Royal Society, and Superintendent of the British Museum Natural History Department in 1842. In other words, the existence of dinosaurs was first speculatively hypothesized by a knighted museum-head “coincidentally” in the mid-19th century, during the heyday of evolutionism, before a single dinosaur fossil had ever been found. The Masonic media and mainstream press worldwide got to work hyping stories of these supposed long-lost animals, and then lo and behold, 12 years later in 1854, Ferdinand Vandiveer Hayden during his exploration of the upper Missouri River, found “proof” of Owen’s theory! A few unidentified teeth he mailed to leading palaeontologist Joseph Leidy, who several years later declared them to be from an ancient extinct “Trachodon,” dinosaur

  4. Doug the Dog
    Doug the Dog
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    Me: heart beats high hopefully we don’t end up like the dinos

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    It's a cool feeling when you see a shooting star.

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    no worries cuz jupiter will help us

  8. Eric Hernandez
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    "so this could happen tomorrow?" guy: "yeah pretty much"

  9. Eric Hernandez
    Eric Hernandez
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    meteor:*hits makes massive whole guy: "that looks like a safe place to build a house"

  10. Nate G
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    I wish one would hit the Earth right now and just ended all

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    Souzan's comet

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    No worries, just wear a hard hat, or old facemasks should be good enough! Who knows maybe there will be enough asteroids, they can practice with them, so they can create a vaccine against wormwood when it arrives.

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    we are basically down range at a shooting range lol

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  17. dogfaceshitburger
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    How about instead of deflecting the asteroid away from the earth we move the earth out of the way of the asteroid.

  18. pliit
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    Esa has found 50mile asteroid on impact course. In theaters this august kids. Look in the sky.

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    Tsar bombax20

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    Love this guy tells you the truth and does not give you nonsense information inspired by movies

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    So.. I bought the T-rex

  23. arian farhangi
    arian farhangi
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    I have an idea !We can install solar motion sensors in the solar system to detect meteors, such as CCTV cameras. To start the sensors at a distance beyond the ..distance of the satellites the large number of sensor can give us 3d coverage!!

  24. Nimble_ Doughnut
    Nimble_ Doughnut
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    2020: dam what a good idea

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    That's a wild imagination they have here.

  26. مخترع الاردن
    مخترع الاردن
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    Meteorites are very dangerous

  27. Jack v
    Jack v
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    What what I don't understand is that we go/orbit around the Sun while we spin on our Earth's axis so where would these asteroids be that cannot be seen because we are blinded by the Sun? It makes sense that it would have to be asteroids outside the solar system? So there's two asteroid belts right? 1 that is as far as Saturn and one outside the solar system? And is it these two locations that we are primarily concerned with? I was entertaining the possibility that there is a link between asteroids and this mismanagement of covid-19 and other psychosocial and socioeconomic engineering factors period was just seem a little bit quite a bit unsound actually, and I thought that if something could explain the inanity of the past years mismanagement Globes societal factors that perhaps an asteroid would explain it. Catch my drift?

  28. Darren Forgette
    Darren Forgette
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    No worries AOC will stop them with her green new deal.

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    3:35 aahh it's Yoda's face

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  31. Trubby CS
    Trubby CS
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    just saw the title and preview wtf are asterioids? well asteroid are bigger than earth way farther than meteorites so there are no chances we will get one in on Earth

  32. Moriarty mcG
    Moriarty mcG
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    Take that ridiculous mask off please

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    I don't care about something I have no control on 😌

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    This is so fascinating

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    a magnet???

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    Wow a gift from universe?!

  37. Mark Blackley
    Mark Blackley
    Päivä sitten

    Why have I not seen this professor before? He should have or has been on other documentaries before. His home is cool. And the meteorite he showed is probably worth a fortune. And I just took a quick look on Wikipedia about him, this dude is brilliant. He’s partly responsible for finding an object way out there beyond Pluto, the first to do so. Part of why Pluto was demoted to a dwarf planet. Which it would seem he might disagree with a bit. He said something like, just because a dog is small, does that mean it’s no longer a dog? IMO a planet, it could be basically anything that has enough gravity to which it basically forms into a spherical shape. Anything too small won’t become a sphere. Moons are small, but they have enough gravity to be spherical. So I guess dwarf planet would be a correct term. But why demote them just because they are small? Pluto has what, 5 moons? And that says it is still not a planet? I don’t care, but I don’t understand what demoted Pluto from being a planet.

  38. Jenson Bell
    Jenson Bell
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    I’m kinda scared now me

  39. Jan Thorpe
    Jan Thorpe
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    That was great!!

  40. james guymer
    james guymer
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    What about AA guns? shoot an astroid into smaller bits once it comes into range.

  41. nimrod films
    nimrod films
    Päivä sitten

    12:06 so what he is saying is, if we apply this logic to every human being on earth, then we really have a 7000% chance of getting hit by a meteor that big :D that's how math works right :D edit: i swear to god there is going to be that one asshole that doesn't get the joke and corrects me...

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  44. Michael McNamara
    Michael McNamara
    2 päivää sitten

    Can you make a video about why scientists really believe that asteroid killed the dinosaurs? On what ground? Maybe they just simply evolved into birds without being massacred?

  45. Michael McNamara
    Michael McNamara
    2 päivää sitten

    Just remember if we successfully destroy an asteroid before hitting the Earth, it’s called Armageddon, otherwise if the asteroid successfully hit the Earth it’s called Deep Impact

  46. Jacob Bosley
    Jacob Bosley
    2 päivää sitten

    The foil used to change the asteroid's trajectory isn't aluminum... It's mylar. 🤦 What about a mylar parachute or sail? Would the thrust from an ion engine fill a solar sail made from mylar and increase the percentage of course alteration? 🤔

  47. Jacob Bosley
    Jacob Bosley
    2 päivää sitten

    What if that object that was ten millimeters that hit 66 million years ago rendered most of the planet uninhabitable to such a degree ancient cartographers drew maps that represented a flat body?

  48. Jacob Bosley
    Jacob Bosley
    2 päivää sitten

    What if the way man made satellites experience a causality effect that requires their chronology to be altered to represent relative time space positioning to Earth, asteroid would need the same consideration. At some point it sounds like I think an asteroid can come from the past or the future into the present without notice.

  49. Andrew Jones
    Andrew Jones
    2 päivää sitten

    Who else has seen the movie Greenland?

  50. Captain shoes Sword
    Captain shoes Sword
    2 päivää sitten

    This guy interviewing while holding a camera. The cameraman: Am I a joke to you?

  51. gegroet
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    17:30 well but if you know it a week in advance you can tell people to take train, plane, car, motor or even bike to leave the city. Even by bike you will get somewhere in a week.

  52. Guitargreat
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    One less worry I guess

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    Storm shelters should come back in style

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    Dude we should atleast throw a nuke at it sporting chance

  56. A Z
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    How about long range comets ?

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    LeWolfYT Videos and Animations
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  58. Icsilian Igrechiceanu
    Icsilian Igrechiceanu
    2 päivää sitten

    why did you not mention comets? Yes, they are quite rare, but considering their long orbits, especially for the trans neptuinian ones, whom we see once in thousands of years, and no trajectory can be calculated until we see it, i think they are the most dangerous objects.

  59. Stephan Huebner
    Stephan Huebner
    2 päivää sitten

    The narrator has a very peculiar definition of the term "set your mind at ease".

  60. SlugY
    2 päivää sitten

    0:57 this guy is genius he stands infront of a mirror so you can see both his back as well as front

  61. Helcurt Atsuki
    Helcurt Atsuki
    2 päivää sitten

    we already know what will happen so stop repeating about WHAT IF THE EARTH HIT ASTEROID WHAT IF WHATSDGBJDHGAJHGSDFehjgfHJGFDKGS I KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN,The earth went BOOOOMMM ok ty no more

  62. Ryan Skinner
    Ryan Skinner
    2 päivää sitten

    4:02 Prof. Dave Jewitt says (while holding iron planetoid fragment), "It's the oldest thing you'll ever see." I have him beat!!! I glance at the Sun almost everyday... and someone's gotta tell him about Hubble Deep Field...

  63. xavier reivax
    xavier reivax
    2 päivää sitten

    if an astroid is headed for earth it would be the will of god, so sit back and let it happen

  64. El Pablo
    El Pablo
    2 päivää sitten

    Nah they dont miss those asteroids, they just dont tell us because they’re not certain whether it will hit or not and dont want to put the world into mass panic

  65. jakubkrcma
    2 päivää sitten

    12:10 I would like to correct the info. Although there are no known 10+ km impactors moving AROUND the Sun that could hit the Earth in the next 100 years, there MAY be such large objects coming in from outside the Solar System at incredibly high speeds (substantially higher than the regular atmospheric entry speeds of tens of kilometres per second). Therefore, the probability of getting wiped out by such an impact during our lives is NOT zero, just very very very very very close to zero. :-)

  66. MahmoodAB
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    14:45 you should consider Bruce Willis as an option.

  67. tsarrite
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    Just call Bruce Willis.

  68. Versal
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    Jupiter: *Mhm I don't think so*

  69. Samuel Mason
    Samuel Mason
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    solution to blocked freeways---- bulldozers.... your car breaks down? sorry- the bus drives down the shoulder every few hours- start walking... *car tumbles into ditch*

  70. Samuel Mason
    Samuel Mason
    3 päivää sitten

    @Veritasium a nuclear weapon releases high energy particles- on earth it heats the atmosphere and surrounding terra, producing an expanding shockwave.... in space with no atmosphere, wouldnt the energy only heat the surface, causing the side facing it to vaporize and expand.... wouldn't it be more of a push in one direction than the conventional explosion we think of?

  71. Samuel Mason
    Samuel Mason
    3 päivää sitten

    10:05 this dude has some cool things lol

  72. Samuel Mason
    Samuel Mason
    3 päivää sitten

    you're talking about looking for dark objects a meter wide in trillions of square kilometers of space..... the fact that they even got 5 of them Dude when mcdonalds remembers napkins im stoked- give humans a break.

  73. Learning Unity
    Learning Unity
    3 päivää sitten

    3:06 how is there sound here LMAO it be in space without air molecules to carry sound wave

  74. sonic55193
    3 päivää sitten

    If we could detect the asteroid fifty to a hundred years earlier the rocket attaching idea could really work, since small changes in trajectory has a big relevance if it's way sooner. That is if we detect it decades ahead but if it's here a day after then there's nothing much we can do really.

  75. Octal Gaming
    Octal Gaming
    3 päivää sitten

    Now we know why the aliens aren’t real They could be but they would have probably died

  76. Jere
    3 päivää sitten

    Watches Armageddon Me: Yep nothing to worry about... Just drill and nuke!

  77. Peter Petersmann
    Peter Petersmann
    3 päivää sitten

    6:25 Any Helge Schneider Fans around here? xD

  78. Peter Petersmann
    Peter Petersmann
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    I listened to the Interstellar soundtrack and accidentally left it on watching this video. I noticed it around 4:40 during "Cornfield Chase". Perfect fit though.

  79. Sum Chap
    Sum Chap
    3 päivää sitten

    I love the way he simplifies everything for Americans: "Chelyabinsk asteroid was only 20m long" - Europeans "2 school buses" - Americans

    1. Nick Bisson
      Nick Bisson
      Päivä sitten

      @MalinaIzEtiopije giving people a relatable visual point of reference is stupid........tell me how so?

    2. MalinaIzEtiopije
      2 päivää sitten

      @Magellanic more like stupid info

    3. Magellanic
      3 päivää sitten

      making information easier to understand and more accessible? unacceptable.

  80. Sriram Sridhara
    Sriram Sridhara
    3 päivää sitten

    I was genuinely bummed out when he said there were no 10km asteroids nearby

  81. _jebbb
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    man just casually said "ya know that ancient t-rex skull looks cool let's buy it 🤠"

  82. Ezekiel Raven
    Ezekiel Raven
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    I went to mars to look at earth and didnt find who tf asked

  83. Beam Toranavikrai
    Beam Toranavikrai
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    So Amuro was right ... pushing the Axis away with mobile suits.

  84. ꧁Царь Кацапов꧂
    ꧁Царь Кацапов꧂
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    Too bad that asteroid was small and flew slow ((

  85. HecTic
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    if i see a big ahh asteroid imma jus say wow a alien up there must have dropped a 30 bomb and nuke r shi lol...

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  89. Jadon Keenan
    Jadon Keenan
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    Not me sitting here wondering if an asteroid will crush me one day

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    They had a few months since they posted this video maybe they have new ideas.. 🤔🙂

  92. Vishwa kumar
    Vishwa kumar
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    So, tomorrow can be the asteroid day ?! 🙄

    4 päivää sitten

    Awesome finally a documentary about my wallet.

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    reply here if you are commenting from year 2030

  95. Haverja Marosi
    Haverja Marosi
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    0:41 No ... sadly you see all the videos where people walk/drive by like nothing ever happened and people putting their sun shades down, cos they "frustrated" with that annoying light.

  96. Aapo Lehtinen
    Aapo Lehtinen
    4 päivää sitten

    Somehow I cant fathom how an less than a kilometre diameter asteroid wouldnt practically vaporize from a massive nuclear impact. Then again I guess the explosive energy dissipates quite fast in space.

  97. John lacey
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  98. Santiago Del Teide
    Santiago Del Teide
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    Me: trying not to worry Veritasium: Here are the asteroids to worry about

  99. Killerbee
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    I feel like staring through a window at an asteroid is something you only do once.

  100. Scott's World
    Scott's World
    4 päivää sitten

    We launch missiles at the asteroids maybe to try and break them down to tiny ones so it wouldn’t be as bad let me know what you think about this

    1. 5Andysalive
      3 päivää sitten

      You better make them really tiny. Or you just make it a lot worse by having multiple hits. And you don't just break them into " tiny bits". Not even small ones. Let alone kilometer sizes. They talk about all that. What's usually proposed as option is to detonate your bombs or do soemthing near it to nudge it's ortbit a bit off-earth course. . If you see it early enough. Meaning decades. The later, the fewer options. If you see it just months before it hits,, you calculate, where it hits, evacuate the countries around that area and find a nice church of your religion of choice.